TV Guide Person magazine’s issue #54  has revealed that Japan’s edition of TV Guide is launching a new magazine! And this time, this new magazine will be focusing exclusively on male seiyuu.

They are tentatively calling the new magazine as “TV Guide Voice Stars”, and it will launch on 8th March. The first issue will feature the one and only Yuuki Kaji in the cover. They also revealed a new teaser photo of the seiyuu best known for voicing Attack on Titan’s Eren.

Kaji has appeared on several covers of Japan’s Monthly TV Guide before, so his selection as the new magazine’s first cover boy is not that surprising. The magazine’s new 8th March release also comes in time for the new Attack on Titan anime, which premieres 1st April.

TV Guide will also be announcing more details about the new magazine in the future.

source: @TVguidePERSON