Copyright laws and policies have always protected artistes from all sorts of piracy regarding their works. However, one Japanese megastar is speaking out against a new policy passed in her own country. Enter Utada Hikaru.

The JMusic icon recently spoke out against a new policy by the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC). The new policy would now charge copyright fees to Japanese music schools like Yamada and Kawai. This would allow music companies to charge schools copyright fees that are estimated to be 2.5% of the annual tuition income. This would mean that music companies could charge schools 1 to 2 billion yen every year. JASRAC will be submitting the policy as a provision to the Agency for Cultural Affairs in July. This new law is then estimated to take effect in January.

Of course, Music school students and teachers have voiced opposition to the policy, and now, Utada Hikaru is joining them. In a tweet, Hikki released this statement:

“If a music teacher or student wants to use my songs for classes, they can use them for free without worrying about copyright.”

Now that’s certainly one powerful message from the icon herself! Big music schools such as Yamada and Kawai are expected to experience the biggest impacts. However, it’s those smaller music schools which can’t pay for those copyright fees are the ones who might suffer the most.

While the opposition is certainly strong, JASRAC seems to be determined to pass this policy as a law. If passed, the law will affect thousands of students, including Yamaha’s estimated 390,000 students and Kawai’s 100,000 students.

Source: Yahoo! News and Utada Hikaru official twitter