Wonder Festival, or better known as WonFes, is so named because of the wonder the event gives to figure lovers in Japan and all around the world! (Or perhaps it could also be due to everyone “wonder”ing where all their money went to.)

Held twice a year, similar to the world renown Comic Market, during the Summer and Winter seasons, the event showcases the latest figures that will hit the market in the year ahead.

This year, the event is held at Makuhari Messe, from halls 1 to 8.

Every year, many people will queue up in order to purchase the “Event Exclusive” goods. These items will not be placed onto their online website for sale. If you do not want to purchase any of these items, you can always walk in through the regular entrances. (The lines can be really long)

What would a wide-eyed first-timer figure fanatic expect to see at WonFest?

Figures! Figures! And more figures! From your favourite Overwatch character to the smash anime hit Your Name characters to name a few. WonFes 2017 has certainly exceeded everyone’s expectation.

Almost everyone is equipped with cameras, snapping photos of the figures, or the many cosplayers strutting their stuff at the event. Expect to see well-known figure companies like Good Smile Company, Max Factory, and Kotobukiya, and more!

Let’s start our WonFes journey with a visit to the Kotobukiya Booth!

Are you ready for Frame Arm Girls? Packed with Moe and Mechas, this show is definitely on our must watch list!

One of the highlights of the WonFes visit was meeting Rem from Re:Zero up close.

If you ever lamented that your figures were too small or lacked a personal touch, these life-sized figures are for you!

From your favorite Nyanpasu to your sister’s yandere best friend, FIGUREX allows us to dream further when we buy these figures.

Don’t you want to go out all trendy looking with these Itasha umbrellas?

Walking into the Nitroplus+ booth is like walking into Sonico’s own fashion show. Known for her wonderfully proportioned figure *ahem*, take a look at the amount of Sonico figures that are on display.

One of the biggest highlights this event. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend. The queue was so packed, we queued for 15 mins just to snap some photos!

Who is your favorite heroine?

Next, a stop at an AFA staple, the Good Smile Company to take a look at what they have to offer.

What stood out was their collaboration with with Max factory during this event. The theme “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 25” offers a larger line of figures, from many different series. To promote this collaboration, several talk shows were held at their live stage featuring many guest industry speakers and also the voice actors themselves!

If you’re an avid figure collector, you definitely need to attend this. Good Smile Company’s booth for collectors who wish to learn more about cleaning and repairing damages on your precious figures. (or waifus, we ain’t judging)

Good Smile Clinic is here to help, one figure at a time!

Last but not least, even if you aren’t a figure collector, the event is worth a visit just to check out the elaborate costumes of these beautiful cosplayers working hard to capture your heart! If you need any information, you can always get a brochure from them.

This is but a small taste of what WonFes has to offer. If you are ever in town during WonFest, make sure you don’t miss it! The next WonFest is in summer and details should be out soon. It would not hurt to prepare first right?

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