Looks like Studio Trigger is celebrating its 5th anniversary in style! Two of their most popular heroines, Little Witch Academia’s Akko and Kill la Kill’s Ryuuko, will be appearing together in the cover of MdN (Macintosh designers Network) magazine to celebrate the occasion.

If you look closely, Akko and Ryuuko also swapped weapons for the magazine cover. There, Akko is leaning on Ryuuko’s half scissor blade while Ryuuko is holding the Shiny Rod.

MdN will also have a huge feature on the studio itself. It will contain interviews and also take a look at Trigger’s brief history. This includes taking a look at some of their biggest works like Ninja Slayer, Space Patrol Luluco, Inferno Cop, and of course, Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia. Wait, do they also have to talk about Kiznaiver?

As many people know, the founders of Trigger originally came from Gainax. The feature will also have some of the staff members talk about working on Gainax anime like Gurren Lagann. This will all be part of MdN’s May 2017 edition, which will be released on 4th April. Now then, time to get TRIGGERED.

source: @mdn_hikari