Extravagant and exciting. This year’s Animelo Summer Live has finally played its cards on the stage at AnimeJapan 2017.

With just the first lineup of performers announced for this year’s concert, everyone is getting ready to purchase their tickets already.

Is there someone you would like to attend to see?

Every year, there will be a theme song paired together with the concert. This year’s will be none other than..?

The theme song, “Playing the world” will be composed by ZAQ. She will also be writing the lyrics and arranging the song with EFFY!


This theme song will be sung by these awesome artistes: OxT, KISHOW(GRANRODEO), Suzuki Konomi, Minori Chihara, TRUE, DRAMATIC STARS(Idolmaster SideM), Megumi Nakajima,  Yoshino Nanjo(fripSide), Luna Haruna, Pyxis, Machico, Minami, Suzuko Mimori, and more!!

There are still mystery cards not played as of yet, but it is already looking really great with the return of many artistes!