We’re probably sick of hearing about Berserk going on hiatus by now, but Young Animal Magazine has some good news! Its latest issue, which will hit the stores on 10th March, reveals that the Berserk manga is returning in the next issue.

This will mark the end of Berserk’s latest hiatus, and it comes just in time for the new anime. Mangaka Kentaro Miura has gained quite the reputation for his long and frequent hiatuses. Many Berserk readers even often point out that he goes on hiatus every time there’s a new [email protected] game coming out. He and fellow hiatus mangaka, Yasuhiro Togashi (Hunter X Hunter), are considered the kings of hiatuses.

As for the new TV anime, Berserk will premiere on 7th April via MBS, TBS and WOWOW. The new anime picks up where the previous Berserk TV series left off, as Guts finally gets reunited with Casca. However, Griffith’s reappearance complicates things further, and Guts readies for a new a bloody path of destruction. Now, who’s excited for April and the return of Berserk?

Source: Earlbox