The end of the world, however restored by gears alone.

Clockwork Planet is finally getting broadcasted in April 2017.

The world which was supposed to have ended long ago was repaired with gears by the existence, Y. Thus creating what is known as the Clockwork Planet. The story revolves around a boy, Naoto, who has an ability to hear things that people do not. Naoto has no interest in other people and loves mechanics. One day when he finally fixed an automaton left by Y, RyuZU. His life changed from that point.

Appearing right on this stage are Yoshino Nanjo (Naoto), Saori Oonishi (Mari), Ai Kakuma (RyuZU),  Kenichirou Matsuda (Halter) and Sayaka Senbongi (AnchoR). A brief explanation of what kind of characters each of them play.

While some of you might be searching for the names online, you might be able to find some interesting similarities that these character names might have with some real-life companies and famous people.

They also played a few games where they were to draw their ideal robot. You might not be surprised to see the robot that every household in Japan knows. They finished off the talk stage with some telepathy games where they were to guess what their partners were thinking of.

Something else to look for is the theme songs of this anime. The opening theme song, “Clockwork Planet” is sung by the famous anisong unit, fripSide. The ending theme song is sang by After the rain, called “Anti Clockwise“.

Make sure to catch this anime this coming April!