The Confess Your Love Committee Series Special Stage was the second segment at the Red Stage at Day 1 of AnimeJapan 2017, and the entire cast was almost in full attendance. As you know, The Confess your Love Committee Series is a project by HoneyWorks, and both the first and second movie have been shown at the various AFA conventions.

The guests for this stage were as follows:

Hiroshi Kamiya (Yuu Setoguchi)

Haruka Tomatsu (Natsuki Enomoto)

Kana Asumi (Hayasaka Akari)

Aki Toyosaki (Mio Aida)

Kenichi Suzumura (Haruki Serizawa)

Momo Asakura (Hina Setoguchi)

Tsubasa Yonaga (Koyuki Ayase)

Sora Amamiya (Narumi Sena)

With the audience cheering, the guests walked out onto stage, with Hiroshi Kamiya greeting the audience on behalf of the rest of the cast cheerfully, asking if they have recently been confessing your love. Silence came first followed by giggling, from the audience. Even the hosts were stumped for a while by that comment.

There was no time to waste as the stage event dived straight into the first segment, the game segment. Each guest was given a sketch-book to participate in the game.

They were first asked to draw or write about, “what if the Confess Your Love Committee Series was made into a mobile application?”

Toyosaki Aki was the first to raise her hand and brought up an interesting point that an application which locates all the nearby toilets. Which would be a really useful application if I must say! Kenichi Suzumura was playing around and showed the audience a rough drawing of a girl. He meant that it should be a dating application where the only choice that can be chosen was “to confess.” The visuals of the drawing shocked everyone, mainly because the shoulders of the girl were disproportionate.

Amidst this chaos, Sora Amamiya brought it back down to earth by suggesting an alarm clock application that plays Honeyworks songs to wake you up, and when stopped, a morning greeting would be delivered.

Tsubasa Yonaga suggested an application that acts as a love interest generator, one where you can use with friends as well. That would been pretty interesting as well.

Hiroshi Kamiya was not being serious about the suggestions as well, as he suggested that the application could be a poker game where you can actually gamble. He was of course “scolded” by the hosts for suggesting that.
Momo Asakura had been thinking hard about the question backstage and suggested a VR application where players can “do something” with the characters, which sounded a bit wrong. She reiterated herself by explaining that players could watch a Honeyworks performance with one of the characters, if they liked.

Question two was, “what if the Confess Your Love Committee Series was made into an anime?”

Haruka Tomatsu wrote that she would like to see the characters 10 years later, in which Kenichi Suzumura and Hiroshi Kamiya chimed in agreement, as they were currently voicing characters almost 30 years younger than their actual age. Kenichi Suzumura then continued by showing his answer, which was, like all the previous ones, a vague drawing of a woman. It now had the words “Confession Titan” below. The hosts also added to that saying, “I’ll break down the wall of your heart!”

Aki Toyosaki said that it could be a confession anime where people confess to each other, about something that they usually cannot speak their mind about, and everyone would feel liberated after that.
Sora Amamiya suggested that the next installment of the series should definitely include a story about her character Sena Narumi, and Hamanaka Midori (voiced by Gero), and the audience cheered.

Momo Asakura added that the anime should show the parents of the characters, as they have not made any appearance in any of the movies. It was odd that the siblings were seemed like they lived alone without any parents, so it would be a new addition for parents to be included. The rest of the cast (especially Kenichi Suzumura) kept drawing more hideous drawings that further plunged the stage event into chaos once again. He even envisioned the characters as Sentai Rangers.

After all the drama, the hosts then announced that the Confess Your Love Committee Series would indeed be having it’s own mobile application! Players would be able to play the game to their favourite HoneyWorks tunes! An anime version of the series will be released as well! Looks like these were the pieces of news that all the games were building up to!

Also, they announced that the Blu-Ray Disc and DVD of the movie “Suki ni natta sono shunkan wo,” would be released on 21 June 2017, so do look out for it if you haven’t watched the movie!

This stage event was so much fun and certainly made us, and the audience, laugh to our hearts content!