Just like a lizard’s tail, Tohru the fire dragon’s tail from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid also grows back. Because it grows back, Tohru often serves her tail to Kobayashi, which she always refuses to it. Now, that very edible tail has inspired a pillow, which the online shopping site, Taobao, is selling.

Measuring about 60cm in length, the tail is a recreation of Tohru’s tail from the anime. However, it is unlicensed and is not considered official merchandise. But that aside, fans can still use the tail as a pillow or even as a cosplay prop, Yeah, having this tail might really help if you wanna cosplay Tohru.

Chinese online shopping websites are selling these tail pillows for about 38 – 68 Yuan. Just remember that Tohru’s tail is actually poisonous and only she knows how to cook it so it’s edible. That’s the Dragon Maid for you!