Cute, Cuter and Cutest. Very popular anime, “Is the order a rabbit??” stood on the red stage to bring to all fans of gochiusa a talk show, which they regularly present in their radio, “Is the order a radio??~chimame-tai no poporon radio~”AnimeJapan special version.

The three voice actresses representing the unit “chimame-tai“, Inori Minase (Chino), Sora Tokui (Maya) and Rie Murakawa (Megu), wore their cute costumes as they prepared to serve their delicious talk show for the energetic crowd.

The talk show started off with a game which they normally play on their radio show. Before the talk, the audience were to send in their pop quizzes, some which were presented by these voice actresses as they rack their brains to solve them. The quizzes were pretty interesting, and amazingly Sora Tokui managed to answer all of them correctly!

The talk show ended off with a performance by the trio, and finally a huge announcement.

There will be a one-man concert by the unit at EX THEATRE ROPPONGI on the 3rd of June! The concert will be called “chimame-tai one man live chimame march” and more details about the ticketing in a later date.