Two of the most “evil” beings in anime are joining forces for a brand new exhibit in Japan. This is all to promote the two new Overlord compilation films, as well as the Tanya the Evil TV anime. They also revealed a new visual for the collaborative exhibition:

The Ikebukuro Marui will be holding the exhibition from 11th – 21st March, inside their 7th Floor Event Space. Like most anime exhibitions, it will feature artworks and merchandise from both anime. They will also be selling some limited goods, which is quite evil.

Tanya the Evil creator, Carlo Zen, admitted that he has been a huge fan of Overlord since its web novel days. The love between the two delightfully evil series even includes a crossover illustration by Tanya illustrator, Shinobu Shinotsuki.

So, who do you think is more evil? Is it Tanya, who is clearly evil because she cares little about human life and treats everyone as a pawn? Or is it Ainz, who hides his true intentions behind heroic deeds? One thing’s for certain though, and that’s the fact that this team-up is delightfully evil indeed. A fight between the two would be very interesting though…

Tanya the Evil is currently airing in Japan, while Japanese theaters are currently screening Overlord’s first compilation film. The first film, The Undead King, premiered last 25th February, while the second film, The Dark Warrior, premieres on 11th March.

source: @youjosenki official