Prepare for one massive crossover anime, as four of Tatsunoko’s classic titles are teaming up for just one anime! Tekkaman, Casshern, Gatchaman, and Hurricane Polymar team-up for Tatsunoko Productions’ Infini-T Force, a full 3DCG anime. They also revealed a brand new key visual featuring the main heroes of the four anime:

Tatsunoko is making the 3DCG anime as part of their 55th anniversary celebrations. The anime’s staff also revealed that it will premiere sometime this fall 2017. Its staff will include Psycho-Pass 2’s Kiyotaka Suzuki at the helm of the project as the director. Meanwhile, Air Gear mangaka Oh Great will be doing the character designs. The staff also announced that Tomokazu Seki, best known for his role as Gilgamesh in the Fate series, will be voicing Ken Washio from Gatchaman.

Finally, Tatsunoko revealed a brand new teaser PV for their 55th anniversary project:

Source: Animate Times