The official website for the Free anime franchise has some very good news for fans. This is because they have revealed that Kyoto Animation is making not one, but THREE movies based on Free! They even released a new PV for the first two films:

According to the announcement, the first two films will be compilation films titled Timeless Medley. The first film is officially titled “Kizuna”, and it will follow the events of the anime from Haruka and the Iwatobi team’s point of view. It will premiere on 22nd April.

As for the second film, it is titled “Yakosoku” and follows Rin and his team. It premieres on 1st July. As for the theme song, Free’s own seiyuu unit, Style Five, will be performing it, and it’s titled “Rising Free.”

Meanwhile, the third film will contain an original story and takes place after the events of the compilation films. Set in early spring as Haruka is about to graduate, the film is officially titled “Set Your Marks”. In the film, the characters will begin to take a look at their own futures as graduation draws near. As mentioned by the announcement, it will premiere sometime in 2017.