Tokusatsu television series GARO has always been one of Anime Japan’s biggest exhibitors, and this year they have outdone themselves with another gigantic and impressive booth! The highlight of this years GARO booth from Japanese film company Tohokushinsha is a larger than life statue of GARO astride a massive armoured horse. The entire installation easily clears twelve feet, and is a joy to capture on photos at any angle.

Being the sole protector of the Earth from the Horrors is not an easy job, so GARO has a bevy of nice young ladies to assist him in recruiting more fans to the Makai Knight army. Fans can also show their allegiance to GARO by purchasing items from their latest apparel line — which includes canvas sneakers, leather bags, and yes! replica masks and helmets of GARO himself.

The GARO franchise have always been great at pushing boundaries, so despite the nearly eleven years since it original series run, it still manages to capture the imagination of new fans, and keep its original fans interested in it upcoming collaborations and future film projects. So til next time, Makai Knight — keep on roaring!