The [email protected] Million Live smartphone game app is celebrating its 4th Anniversary, and the app has started streaming a brand new video to commemorate the occasion. The animated PV has the idols become superheroes in a new skit called “Idol Heroes Rising”, before introducing a new song titled “Invincible Justice.” Oh, and the 765 Pro idols also make a cameo, so better watch until the end!

Meanwhile, Dengeki Online released several stills from the video as well:

Aside from the new animated PV, Bandai Namco Entertainment also announced that they will be launching a new game for Million Live!. Titled “The [email protected] Million Live Theater Days”, they will be releasing the game this year. To tease the game even further, Bandai Namco also released a new music video!

They will then be tying up the game with a new series of single CDs titled “The [email protected] Million Live [email protected] Generation.” The first single, “THE [email protected] MILLION [email protected] GENERATION 01 Brand New Theater” will get its release this summer. The single CD release will also feature “Invincible Justice”, as well as the game’s theme song, “Brand New Theater!”

Source: Dengeki Online