The male idols of [email protected]TER are finally getting the spotlight with The [email protected] -SideM- TV anime. Now, the staff has started streaming a brand new PV for the anime, and it introduces 315 Production’s idol unit Beit.

The 3-member unit comprises of Kyouji Takajou (CV: Yuichiro Umehara), Pierre (CV: Shun Horie), and Minori Watanabe (CV: Tomohito Takatsuka).  They are the second unit revealed, as the staff had previously revealed the members of Dramatic Stars.

Aside from the new PV introducing Beit, they also revealed a new key visual featuring the unit.

The staff from previous [email protected] anime will also be returning for this new series. Takahiro Harada and Miyuki Kuroki, who both worked with Cinderella Girls, will both be serving as the anime’s co-directors. A-1 Pictures will once again animate this new [email protected] series, with Yuniko Ayana and Yukie Sugawara writing the scripts.

Much like Cinderella Girls and Million Live, Bandai Namco is also responsible for the SideM smartphone game. However, instead of the usual female idols, it follows male idols. So, aside from Beit and Dramatic Stars, who else would be joining the anime? This really makes you wonder who else will be part of the anime, huh? Expect the staff to make even more announcements about who will be joining the anime soon.

Source: Animate Times