The Marui department store’s Rakuchin Kirei Shoes are helping turn the Matsuno Sextuplets into girls once again! From Mr Osomatsu, we are once again getting Joshimatsu from episode 13 of the anime! Of course, Joshi means ladies, and the Matsunos are now ladies thanks to the collaboration.

Together the brothers… I means sisters, will be forming the idol group known as A6. The department store has also launched a special website just for A6.  It starts out with a Star Wars-style introduction followed by the uh… sisters. So, who is your favorite A6 member? Is it Osoko, Karako, Choroko, Ichiko, Jyushiko, or is it Todoko?

The website even has its own personality quiz! In that quiz, participants may find out which Matsuno sister they are after answering a few questions.

The collaboration will also feature several goodies featuring A6. These merchandise include key holders, badges, fans, and many more. They will also be selling a special shoe deodorant spray and a shoe care cloth.

The collaboration will run only until 2nd April. As for the shoe deodorant spray and a shoe care cloth, they will only be available until 31st March. The Joshimatsu gender-bender first appeared during the 13th episode of the Mr Osomatsu TV anime.

source: Nijimen