Mr Osomatsu has brought new life into the late Fujio Akatsuka’s beloved 1960’s gag manga classic. Now, it seems that the anime will be returning with a second season if a listing on Rakuten is to be believed.

The listing is actually for the Osomatsu-san Kobanashi Atsume Blu-ray release. It lists the goodies included in the bundle like “Osomatsu-san: All Japan Big Invitational Screening Festival in Spring” short, as well as the Mr osomatsu Horse Racing shorts. However, Rakuten also listed that the Blu-ray Bundle will also contain an announcement revealing a second season.

So is this real or is this an unintentional leak, or did Rakuten list a wrong item? So far, Mr Osomatsu’s staff still hasn’t made any official announcements yet. It looks like we can only wait and see if this news is real or not.

Season 1 of the anime ended with a message which says “See you again someday!!” This means that they really are planning to return, however, they still haven’t revealed their plans publicly yet.

Source: 0takomu