Brace yourselves Eureka Seven fans, because Studio BONES has some very good news for you guys! They revealed that they will be making a newtrilogy of films for Eureka Seven, titled Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution. The trilogy will follow the events which happened 10 years before the first series, which is called the “The First Summer of Love phenomenon”. They also revealed a new PV to tease the films:

The video features the song,  “Acperience 7” German electronic music duo, Hardfloor.

The first film will premiere later this year, followed by the second film which premieres next year. The third and final film will then premiere sometime in 2019. This means that in the span of three years, we will be getting one movie for each year starting this year.

The films will feature what really happened at “the beginning of it all”.  However, it will also feature the story of the anime, as well as having an original ending. BONES also revealed three new teaser visuals for the trilogy.

Much of the original staff from the first anime are also returning for the trilogy, including chief director Tomoki Kyoda. He will be at the helm of the project over at Studio BONES, alongside scriptwriter Dai Sato. Character designer Kenichi Yoshida will also be returning, along with legendary mecha designer and Macross creator, Shoji Kawamori.

source: Comic Natalie