Onmyoji is a hit mobile game from leading Chinese developer netease, which boasts of an extensive cast of playable and non playable characters designed to resemble Japanese youkai spirits, voiced by some of the Japanese voice acting industry’s biggest stars. Originally available only in Chinese-speaking territories, the game makes a big splash at AnimeJapan 2017, with a gigantic booth as well as a feature slot at the convention’s prestigious Red Stage.

There are a lot of fun and engaging activities at AnimeJapan’s Onmyoji booth. Cute and friendly young ladies as dressed as bunny mikos to accompany the booth’s temple-themed decorations. There is also a handsome young man dressed as the game’s lead character Abe no Seimeim who is game for photos — as well as in-character rapport with the young ladies in the crowd. This game’ female fanbase is actually quite unique to the game, as most mobile RPGs are skewed towards the male demographic.

As if that were no enough, the Onmyoji area is one huge photo spot for cosplayers and regular fans alike: there are red torii gates, little wishing dolls similar to those found in-game, and cherry blossom trees here and there. If that doesn’t grab your attention enough to play the game, nothing else will! With its beautiful design and construction, plethora of fun activities, and its distinctly Japanese flavour, the Omnyoji booth — and its featured game — will be the talk of the town till the next AnimeJapan.