After revealing their life-size Rem figure, Japanese life-size figure brand, FIGUREX, is also releasing a life-size figure of OreImo’s Ayase Aragaki. Previously teased during WonFes, they finally open the pre-orders for Ayase, and as expected, she’s certainly not cheap.  Measuring in at 162cm in height, this life-size figure costs a whopping 1,598,400 yen, tax included of course.

The figure has gained much notoriety to collectors due to it being a little bit revealing. This is because FIGUREX is presenting the teen model lifting up her skirt to give us a peek at her underwear. But fans actually chose this daring design for her! Previously, FIGUREX got fans to choose from three possible poses, and needless to say, they chose the most daring one.

FIGUREX is also releasing the figure as part of OreImo and Eromanga-sensei creator, Tsukasa Fushimi’s 10th anniversary as an author. However, they will only be releasing 20 of these life-size statues as part of that celebration. They will then be releasing them sometime in January 2018, and pre-orders are now open via their official web shop.