The Taiwanese love story that hit Asia by storm “Watashi no Shoujo Jidai – Our Times -“has finally made itself into Japanese box office, along with a whole new change-over of Japanese Voice Actors/Actresses and May’n who will be singing the theme song of this movie “A Small Fragment of Happiness”.

The original version of the song, sang by Taiwanese singer Hebe, is a huge hit which has over a 100 million playbacks. A song definitely fit for our Anisong songstress to cover. May’n comments that “Many overseas fans are already in anticipation of this movie to appear in Japanese Box offices, allowing me to feel once more how popular the movie actually is. Not being able to notice the small fragment of happiness that is right by your side. It is a great song that touches your heart. ”

Not just May’n, this movie will also be voiced by many of these Voice Actors/Actresses that you are familiar with. The main hero and heroine will be played by Tomokazu Sugita and Aki Toyosaki. There’s also appearances from Nana Mizuki and Daisuke Namikawa too!

If you have not watched this movie yet, do check it out if you are in Japan! Also, there’s a rumour which a Japanese friend of mine told me about. If you watch this movie with someone of the opposite gender, you might end up as a couple walking out of the cinema! So do check it out!

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