During the final leg of her national concert tour, Nana Mizuki made everyone’s jaw drop. During her performance of “Hime Murasaki”, the seiyuu appeared in a costume inspired by an onogadori, a gigantic chicken from Japanese mythology. The moment she appeared, she made the fans go “Wow” simply because of her gigantic wings.

The costume measured in at approximately 17.7 metres, and yes, that’s really huge! Seriously, you could stare at those wings all day! After singing, she then made a reference to Kouhaku Uta Gassen‘s “Final Boss”, Sachiko Kobayashi. She said that she now understands how Kobayashi feels about being the “Final Boss”. She also joked that she has now realised her dream of being the seiyuu industry’s “final boss”. Both the ever-youthful seiyuu and the legendary Japanese enka singer have performed together during the annual NHK New Year special.

Believe it or not, but this latest national concert tour is her first one in nearly seven years. She held her final concert stop last Sunday at the Saitama Super Arean, where she performed a total of 27 songs. Aside from appearing in gigantic wings, Nana Mizuki also appeared out of a gigantic camellia flower.

Hey, it looks like she’s not slowing down just yet, and Nana Mizuki has proven to be one of Japan’s hottest seiyuu. Oh, and she’s getting married too! Oh, not as herself, but as Hinata Hyuuga with Naruto Shippuden’s 500th spisode.

Source: Nikkan Sports