After voicing characters from anime like Freezing and Sacred Seven, seiyuu Rie Yamaguchi is calling it a career. In her blog, she revealed that she has now resigned from her agency, 81 produce and retiring from voice acting.

On her blog, the now-former seiyuu stated that she now has a new goal she wants to work to. She also said that she will be deleting her blog in a few days. Yamaguchi then thanked 81 produce, JTB Entertainment, Flying Dog, and her staff, as well as her fans. She than said that her final work as a seiyuu will be for the game, School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE. She will be voicing the main heroine Suzu Yuki for that game.

Yamaguchi voiced Mackenzie Torisu in Freezing, as well as Ageha Yamaguchi in Sacred Seven. She has also voiced Taeko Hiramatsu from Is This a Zombie?. She also released several singles and an album as a singer in her career. She even performed the ED for Is This a Zombie?.

So to Rie Yamaguchi, good luck and thank you!