Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Aki Toyosaki are four of the most famous seiyuu today. The four of them also form the seiyuu unit, Sphere. However, the foursome announced that they are taking a break as a music group to “recharge” themselves.

However, the group clarified that they will only be taking a break from music and touring together. This means that they will still be making appearances in shows together as sphere, but will be focusing more on their individual activities. They also said that they will continue their work as seiyuu.

Because of this hiatus, they won’t be releasing any CDs or perform concerts together. This hiatus will last between their  “We are Sphere” live tour and their 10th anniversary celebration in 2019. Their final concert tour before the hiatus begins on 3rd June in Kanagawa. It includes a stop in Taiwan on 8th October, before reaching its final stop in Aichi on 15th October.

Together, the four seiyuu performed theme songs for Ika-Musume, Bakuman, Yatterman Night, and many more as the unit, Sphere.

source: Sphere official