Japanese singer and actor Daigo (Daigo Naitou) has once again proven to be one of Japan’s geekiest celebrities. Not only is he always promoting Cardfight Vanguard, but he’s also always promoting Monster Hunter. Now, the BREAKERZ band member puts some armor on to hunt monsters in a series of new commercials for Monster Hunter XX.

Daigo appears alongside Japanese comedian, Satoshi Inoue, in the videos. They are seen playing Monster Hunter XX in their 3DS consoles all while wearing armor and riding an airship. Capcom has also started streaming a couple of behind-the-scenes videos featuring the Monster Hunting duo.

Aside from the videos featuring Daigo and Inoue, Capcom also unveiled a new PV for the game.

Monster Hunter XX (read as ‘Double Cross’) will feature new additions such as “Style Power-up,” as well as the new “Brave Style”. It will also feature a new field called a new field called “Igunrei”, as well as several new monsters. Capcom will be releasing the game in Japan on 18th March for the Nintendo 3DS.