Macross Frontier’s Galactic Fairy is back with a brand new music video! As promised, she has returned to thrill fans in Akihabara and Shinjuku, as they revealed her latest video. Titled “Gooorgeous”, the video has a sort of an Arabian Nights theme, as revealed by the new still images.

May’n once again voices Sheryl in the video, and many who have watched it have said that she hasn’t lost her form. This is all for the Macross franchise’s 35th anniversary celebrations, and is actually the first of many projects for it.  Shinjuku Alta Vision and Akiba UDX Vision screened the new music video in their large street vision screens.

While this is the first of many 35th anniversary projects, details are still a bit scarce. Expect that the franchise will announce more of these projects in the future. As of now, fans can only wait to see what other projects will be part of the anniversary.

Source: Pash plus