Official Studio Ghibli merchandise store, Donguri Kyowakoku, has a special treat for tea-loving Ghibli fans. They are teaming up with popular Japanese tea brand, Lupicia, in order to bring fans some special Studio Ghibli-themed teas.

These teas includes “The Napping Totoro”, which contains less caffeine than the usual green tea. What makes this tea truly special is that it uses hojicha roasted green tea from Sayama Hills. For those unfamiliar with Sayama Hills, it’s a special place to Hayao Miyazaki, as well as the being the setting for My Neighbor Totoro. Because it contains less caffeine, it’s a great tea to relax with before going to bed.

The new Ghibli tea line also features “Kiki and Townscape”, which boasts a fruity flavor. The black tea is actually quite symbolic of Kiki’s bittersweet journey into becoming a with. The tea’s strawberry and blackcurrant-infused flavor reflects just that bittersweet experience.

And speaking of Kiki’s Delivery Service, Kiki’s cat, Jiji, also has its own tea! Called “Jiji and Butterfly”, the tea is “a fragrant rooibos tea filled with the flavours of strawberry, apricot and honey. Made with rose petals, pink peppers and dried blueberries, this blend has been designed to conjure up all the warm, friendly thoughts that Jiji has for her human friend Kiki.”

Each tea comes in a 40g tin container, which features artwork inspired by the Ghibli films. Each tin of tea costs 1,500 yen, and will be hitting Donguri Kyowakoku stores in Japan on 22nd April.

Source: Rocket News 24