Seiyuu and military hardware enthusiast, Sumire Uesaka is proving to be one of Japan’s most popular seiyuu. Not only does she have her own legions of fans, but now, she’s also inspiring a traditional Japanese artwork called ukiyo-e.

Ukiyo-e prints are made with traditional Japanese techniques passed down through generations. The art style is made with woodblock stamps and traditional Japanese paper. Since a lot of work is required in making these, the Sumire Uesaka Ukiyo-e print is quite expensive!

Ukiyo-e Bunka is releasing these prints in three parts. The first part will be a one-of-a-kind release worth 648,000 yen. Meanwhile, the second release will only have 10 pieces, and they will cost 270,000 yen each. Finally, Ukiyo-e Bunka will be releasing the third version for 108,000 yen, as there will be 50 pieces for the release.

Macross Frontier character designer, Risa Ebata, provided the source artwork for these prints. Not only that, but a man considered a living national treasure in Japan, Ichibei Iwano IX, is making the traditional Japanese paper used in these prints. No wonder why they’re so expensive! However, if you do purchase any of the three versions, you will receive special bonuses. These include a special booklet and a picture of the seiyuu herself, as well as a ticket to a Sumire Uesaka event! But since there’s expected high demand and limited supply, Ukiyo-e Bunka is deciding who gets to buy them via a lottery. Not only does it cost a ton of money, but it’s also quite a challenge to get one, huh? But since it’s Sumipe, it’s worth it, right?

source: Kai-You