The gigantic Martian cockroaches have landed on Earth, and the anime is about to enter the manga’s Earth Chapter. This is because Young Jump magazine has announced a new OVA for Kenichi Tachibana’s popular Scifi manga series.

The new Earth Chapter OVA will be bundled with Volume 21 of the manga. They will release the new volume, along with the OVA, on 19 March 2017. Young Jump also revealed that Yuusuke Kobayashi, Yui Horie, Takuya Satou, Daisuke Hirakawa, Hiroshi Naka, and Chado Horii are joining the cast.

However, there is also some sad news for the manga. This is because Young Jump magazine also revealed that the manga series is going on hiatus. But fret not folks, because Kenichi Tachibana and his Terrformars manga will return in fall 2017.

Source:  pKjd