While Doga Kobo’s Touken Ranbu Hanamaru dealt with the lighter side of Touken Ranbu, ufotable’s Katsugeki Touken Ranbu is a whole lot more serious. And with the anime premiering in July, the staff has now released a brand new PV:


Looks like this Touken Ranbu anime is really serious about the weapons! As the video reveals, the anime will have weapons animators, and even a historical researcher and weapons expert. This proves just how much ufotable is giving to this project.

Meanwhile, Souma Saitou is performing the show’s OP song, while Kalafina is performing the ED song. Fate/Zero’s Toshiyuki Shirai will be directing the TV anime over at ufotable. While retaining a few characters from Hanamaru, Katsugeki will be quite different from Doga Kobo’s version. Oh, and since this is ufotable, expect the animation quality to be much different too!