Shueisha’s official Shonen Jump online store has opened pre-orders for their 1:1 scale Lala Deviluke statue. And as expected, she comes at a rather hefty price tag, worth 2,800,000 yen! Oh, and that still doesn’t count shipping cost, as well as the tax add-on.

The statue measures in at 1,735mm in height, and 650mm in width, and she also weighs in at 45Kg in weight. Design Co-co, the firm responsible for the life-size MenMa statue from AnoHana, produced 10 of these statues.

As Design Co-co will only be making 10 of these statues, they will hold a lottery to determine who gets to buy one. Those interested to buy a statue can head over to the Jump online shop and apply. They will then release the statues sometime between March and August 2018.