Love Live Sunshine’s AQOURS just released their third single, “Happy Party Train”, last 5th April. To celebrate the release, they teamed up with  Izuhakone Railway’s Sunzu line for an actual “Happy Party Train”.

The train travels between Mishima and Shuzen Temple stations and features the members of AQOURS. It travels along the Izu Peninsula, which ofcourse, is the setting for the Love Live Sunshine TV anime. The train’s exterior, as well as its interior, feature the school idol group. These Love Live Sunshine artworks now encompass the entire train, as opposed to their previous collaboration which only featured parts of the train.

During a launch ceremony held last 8th April, all nine AQOURS members showed up as special guests. Each member also seems to have her own side of the train judging from the images.

The Izu-Nagaoka station is also part of the collaboration, as it now features life-size standees of the AQOURS members. The station now also sells “Happy Party Train” single CDs, which come with a special bonus when bought there.

Source: MyNavi News