After more than two years of waiting, the mega robot fight between Kuratas and MegaBots Mk-III is finally happening! Back in 2015, American robot company, MegaBots, challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas to a giant robot fight. Thankfully, the Japanese company accepted, but the duel had no exact date for quite some time. But now, we have a date, as USA’s MegaBots posted a video announcing new detains about this mega robot fight.

Yes folks, they are finally throwing it down this August! Though they didn’t really reveal where the duel will exactly take place. Maybe they’ll hold it in a secret location where both the Kuratas and the MK-III can duke it out with nobody getting hurt.

But fret not folks, because Suidobashi and MegaBots will both be streaming the fight on their respective YouTube channels. Now, who do you think will win? The Americans and their MegaBots Mk-III? Or the Japanese and Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas? In the words of Godzilla (2014)’s Professor Serizawa, “LET THEM FIGHT!”