When we were kids, we all dreamed of becoming a saiyan warrior, just like Goku and Vegeta. Now, you may be able to live that experience thanks to Megahouse’s latest VR experience! The “BotsNew Characters VR DRAGON BALL Z” experience gets you inside the world of Dragon Ball, and also makes you experience that world first hand!

Using Megahouse’s BotsNew VR device, as well as pair of finger-mounted sensors, users can do the Kamehameha. They can also fly around to explore the world of Dragon Ball with the “Flight Simulator”.

Oh, and users can also check other people’s power levels with the built-in AR Scouter! Ain’t that neat?!

The “BotsNew Characters VR DRAGON BALL Z” experience hits the stores starting June 2017. The entire set comes with a price tag of 12,960 yen. And did we mention that Megahouse also added a nice touch to the device by adding the Capsule Corporation logo?!

Just be careful not to destroy a planet with life on it, OK?

source: Comic Natalie