It’s absolutely no doubt that many in the Japanese music industry consider the Nippon Budoukan as their most sacred place. Now, that very hallowed hall of music will be hosting a gathering of over 1,000 idols for the Budoukan Idol Expo 2017!

Many consider the event as the “Comiket for idol fans,” with approximately over 200 idol groups attending. As of now, approximately 130 have confirmed, with more expected to sign up. Over 1,000 idol singers from various groups are expected to join in as the event starts.

Exact activities are still unknown, but many expect that the idols will conduct face-to-face fan greetings. With 200 groups expected to join, large musical productions for each group may seem unlikely however.

The event itself will happen on 6th May, with fans only being able to purchase tickets for 3-hour blocs. These blocs are either 10am- 1pm, 1:30pm- 4:30pm, or 5:00pm- 8:00pm. Each ticket for each bloc costs 1,500 yen, but fans can also purchase an all-day pass for 3,000 yen. Now, which idols do you want to see for the expo?

source: Rocket News 24