Most of the time, female cosplayers tend to look too feminine when crossplaying as male characters. Sometimes, this is because their shoulders aren’t really broad enough. But did you know there’s a cheap way to fix that? You really don’t need to bulk up in the gym because all you need are two paper or plastic cups.

Japanese cosplayer, @louistill3, shows how to pull off the trick to broader and more masculine shoulders on her twitter page. Just get two paper or plastic cups and cut them in half, but remember to leave the bases intact. 

After cutting, just place the cups on your shoulders, and voila!

And now, here’s some before and after images, which show how more masculine her shoulders now look.

She adds that one must secure the cups with tape or other adhesives. She also suggests that you must wear them under your topmost piece of clothing at the very least. And now, here’s the final result, as she cosplays Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis.

Source: Rocket News 24