The Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter film’s setting is a romantic one, focusing on themes like the autumn season, as well as the traditional Japanese card game, Karuta. Coincidentally, autumn romance and

Coincidentally, autumn romance and karuta sound exactly like the themes of Chihayafuru. Hence, this is a possible reason why Detective Conan mangaka, Gosho Aoyama, has teamed up with Chihayafuru’s Yuki Suetsugu. Together, the mangaka duo did a collaborative illustration, which also features the characters of their respective manga.

Natalie even released a video of the two mangaka working together, which also reveals a lot about both mangaka. They also released a few photos of them working together as well!

And finally, here’s how that collaborative illustration turns out:

Crimson Love Letter features a love story, as well as a high school Karuta champion in Momiji Ooka. Because of this, many Chihayafuru fans have pointed out the similarities between the new film and Chihayafuru itself. So much so that Yuki Suetsugu herself said that she was so excited about it. Meanwhile, Aoyama turns out to be a fan of Suetsugu, and apologised to her for using the name Momiji for his Karuta champion. The name also turns up a lot in the Japanese poetry used in Karuta, and he thought that Suetsugu might be considering to use the name.

Aoyama then said that there’s a kind of mystery you can only get in the game of Karuta. He also admitted to his fellow mangaka that it was his idea to use Karuta as the film’s theme. And his reason? HE LIKES CHIHAYAFURU! The legendary mangaka also admitted that he got nervous working with Suetsugu as she was doing her portion.

As for Suetsugu, she said that he wants Conan to settle down with Ran. However, she said that if that happens, the story will end. She then added that she just has to be patient for that to happen. She then told Aoyama that she looks forward to seeing the film, which opened last 15th April.

source: Comic Natalie