Japan’s Reconstruction Minister, Masahiro Imamura, grabbed headlines because of his Evangelion-print tie. Because of this, many even started calling him the “Eva Minister”. However, it seems that one man really isn’t a fan of the minister wearing that tie, and he’s Masahiro Imamura, Neon Genesis Evangelion’s original character designer.

The Gainax Fukushima office actually gave the tie to Imamura as a gift when he visited the Gainax office. The Minister is actually quite eager to wear it and show everyone that the Fukushima-based companies are now starting to get back up again. He wore it at an exchange which got really heated, and apparently, this didn’t amuse Sadamoto. The Evangelion character designer took to twitter to voice his opinion.

Sadamoto really expressed that Imamura would stop wearing that tie. In his tweet, he said that Imamura didn’t have to wear the tie with the picture he drew to the conference. As for the “Eva Minister” himself, he has now resigned from his position. However, he still wore that tie when he announced it.

Source: @Y_Sadamoto via Hachimakikou