May’n has become someone like a connoisseur of good food, having tried the many delicacies around Asia. Curiosity overcame our sense and casually, We asked May’n for recommendation to delicious food in Japan.

We got a list of items from her and here is one of it.

May'n says

“When you talk about Nagoya, it’s impossible not to talk about Hitsu-Mabushi(ひつまぶし). Although there are other stores selling them, the one from Atsuta Horaiken in Nagoya is still the best-tasting!

It’s a little expensive, but in Tokyo it would cost double the price. So it is worth it to try it in Nagoya!”

Hitsu-Mabushi (ひつまぶし)?

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese main course, Hitsu-Mabushi is having chopped Kabayaki(fire grilled) eel on rice presented on exquisitely produced lacquer wares known as “Hitsu”. The eel or Unagi is grilled on an open fire, applied with a sauce that would give it the Teriyaki like sweetness and the often golden brown outlook. It is then paired with various condiments, broth and Wasabi. The dish is most well known in the Nagoya area, which May’n is from.

On her recommendation, WOW Japan visited the Atsuta Horaiken, Jinggu branch in Nagoya for a look at why this would be on her list of highly recommend eats. The main store is just down the street but can be quite crowded and closed on Wednesdays, so if you are there at the wrong time, you can always visit the Jinggu branch for the same authentic meal both will have an English digest menu.

Time to enjoy

It is also recommended that for the first timer trying the Hitsu-Mabushi, diners should follow the 4 steps towards the discovery of their preferences to enjoying the dish.

Step 1. Eating without any condiments.

The grilled unagi really does melt and blends into the rice when put into the mouth! It was creamy with the texture liken to butter rice, and before you can fully enjoy the oily paradise, a burst of flavour rushing towards you. The light sweetness from grilled caramel that you would often associate chicken.
It is awesome.

Step 2. Adding seasoning to the mix.

The wasabi shocked me! But the result is surprising, a clean refreshing, but not overpowering taste presented itself like the host that would be so attentively look out for me. The mix provided me with a new look at wasabi, but then again it could be due to the wasabi they are using. the other 2 “seasonings” are cut seaweed and scallions.

Both are generally tasteless but provided the additional chewiness.

Step 3. Ochazuke.

Having loved the “Seasonings” I opt to put more into the mix, and it was lovely! The soup base is a lightly flavoured nori(seaweed) stock, not powering over any of the existing ingredients; Instead, it created a new dish of unagi flavoured porridge.

Step 4. I choose you!

I choose to eat 3/4 with the seasoning and the last bit with the ochazuke style.
Sorry, for I am weak against the ways of the delicious hitsu-mabushi!

Damage は?

The meal will set you back by ¥‎3600 for one standard serving. Guess May’n wasn’t joking when she mentioned that it is going to be expensive. But if money is not an issue and you wanted more of this goodness, an “Extra” or Oomori option is available for only ¥‎5100.

Last words

Without a doubt, this has to be the best Unagi rice bowl we have ever tasted, and travelling all the way down to Nagoya for it might be well worth the trouble.


Having the popular Atsuta Jingu temple as well as the display of the sword 太郎丸 – Taroumaru within the Treasure Museum for sightseeing surely did help with the decision.

Our verdict: If you are ever in that area, do go for it!

Restaurant Information

Atsuta Horaiken – Main restaurant

Address: 503 Godo-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya (Main branch)
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:00(L.O) | Dinner 16:30~20:30(L.O)
Holiday: Every Wednesdays, 2nd and 4th of Tuesdays will be closed. (If they fall on a national holiday, it is open)

Atsuta Horaiken – Jingu branch

This branch is located next to the famous Jingu Temple, a mere 5-10 minutes walk from the main building.

Address: 〒456-0031 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Atsuta-ku, Jingū, 2 Chome−10−26 (Jingu Branch)
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:00(L.O) | Dinner 16:30~20:30(L.O)
Holiday: Every Tuesdays and 2nd and 4th of Mondays will be closed. (If they fall on a national holiday, it is open)


*They do have other shops in Nagoya.

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