Did you know that France also has its very own award for manga? Organised by French bookstore, L’ange Bleu, the Mangawa Award aims to promote upcoming manga titles. 11,000 middle school and high school students all voted for the winners, which are then split into three categories. These three categories are Shounen manga, Shoujo manga, and finally, Seinen manga. Their official website has now revealed the winners, and they are:

  • Shounen: ReLife by Yayoiso
  • Shoujo: Shuriken and Pleats by Matsuri Hino
  • Seinen: Children of Whales by Abi Umeda

Previous winners include A Silent Voice, Orange, Beelzebub, Letter Bee, and Beck. Other titles such as Piece, Mad World, Kings of Shogi, and Loveless also won the award.

The students who decided the winners voted in their schools, as well as local libraries.

Source: Anime! Anime!