I have a hobby of collecting figures and building GunPla, and let me tell you that they ain’t cheap! The same goes for any hobby, including following Japanese idols. From constantly buying a CD every time your favorite idol has a new single to the various merchandise and concert tickets, being an idol fan can make your bank account and wallet bleed. However, this has lead one fan to commit the crime of stealing.

However, this hobby obsession has led one fan in Japan to commit the crime of stealing.

A 17-year old idol fan got caught shoplifting a total of 120 boxes of razor blade refills, which is worth 420,000 yen. The teen then admitted that he stole them to sell and make money in order to buy more idol merchandise. A police report stated that a classmate bought 10 razor blade refills from him for a total of 10,000 yen. That’s 1,000 yen for each box, and of course, he used the money for his idol hobby.

Predictably, the police charged the youth with shoplifting. As they say, crime doesn’t pay, so don’t use it to fuel your hobbies.

Source: Asahi Shimbun