The official Gundam portal, has some very good news for all you Gundam fans out there! This is because their YouTube channel is now streaming the three Gundam compilation films for free! They also posted the very announcement on YouTube.

In fact, all three episodes are now available online! However, they’re only for a limited time, until 2nd June at 12:00 pm JST.  The films compile the episodes from Yoshiyuki Tomino’s original 1979 anime, which focuses on the Universal Century’s One Year War. They are also streaming the films with English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean subtitles.

Aside from the classic films, they are also streaming the HD Remastered version of Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta. Many critics regarded this Yoshiyuki Tomino classic as one of the legendary director’s very best. Check out the first episode right here:

Their YouTube channel is also currently streaming a few other Gundam series. These include Gundam Build Fighters, its sequel, and also Iron Blooded Orphans.