Sunrise has revealed more details about the 5th Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin film, officially titled “Clash at Loum”. According to the staff’s announcement, “Episode 5: CLash At Loum” will premiere on 2 September 2017. This will then be followed by the sixth film, “Episode 6: Rise of the Red Comet”, which premieres sometime in 2018. The staff also revealed a new key visual image.

Episodes 5 and 6 will follow the Loum Arc, which happens a few months before the events of the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime’s first episode. The arc will follow the events of the Battle of Loum, which also marks the first time either side used Mobile Suits. The battle also marked the dominance of Zeon’s Zaku II mobile suits, which the staff previewed in new images:

Aside from the great battle, the arc will also feature the lives of Sayla, Amuro, and of Side-7 before the war engulfed them. The staff also previewed the film in new still images:

Finally, the staff also revealed that they doubled the number of theaters screening the film, as well as the screening period. This means that 35 theaters will now be screening the film, instead of the previous 15 theaters. The film will now have a 4-week run, which is longer than the previous films’ 2-week theatrical runs.

Oh, and better expect that Bandai will be releasing new GunPla kits as well.

source: animeanime