With its second season now airing, My Hero Academia has now inspired a brand new Real Escape Game! Officially titled “Heroes Deadend Program”, this new Real Escape game challenges a group of up to four people to be students at the Prestigious UA Academy.

The scenario has participants going as UA students in a training exercise. However, things get a lot complicated when some villains attack. Now, participants must use their wits and solve some puzzles to survive for 60 minutes. They must hold out until All Might arrives to save everyone.

Tokyo’s HULIC HALL & CONFERENCE venue will hold the event from 29 – 30 July 2017, before heading to Osaka and Nagoya. As of writing, the staff still haven’t revealed the details on the Osaka and Nagoya games. Tickets cost 3,900 yen for individuals, buy they’re also selling tickets for groups of four for 12,800 yen.

source: animeanime