The Eccentric Family welcomes you to Marunouchi Reading Style Cafe! A special limited time collaboration cafe lasting till end of June.

The cafe is located close to Tokyo station. It can be found in the shopping mall “KITTE”‘s 4th floor.

Let us start this amazing adventure for you right now!

Marunouchi Reading Style is an All-in-one cafe to satisfy your eccentric needs. Not only  do you get to get refreshments while enjoying your books, they also sell a good selection of reading materials  and many other stationeries.

The Cafe!!

Upon entering the cafe, The Eccentric Family can be seen merrily greeting you from the various decorations, standees, and even from the video screens.


Don’t know anything about The Eccentric Family? Don’t fret, the cafe features a simple to understand breakdown of the characters and story. It’s a great way to get yo know these eccentric characters before you catch up with their antics in the anime.

Show some love for this series and the characters at this cafe with your written messages.

There is a message board and many message books prepared for you so do remember to carve your experience of everything into your messages.



On to the main point of the cafe collaoration, the FOOD!

Yes, The Eccentric Family has come up with a sumptuous selection of dishes for your dining enjoyment.

Akadama Hayashi rice

Yasaburo’s Favourite Special Beef Bowl (Sukiyaki Style)

Kinkaku and Ginkaku Ebisugawa Tartar Sandwich

Yaichiro’s Stubborn and Bittersweet Latte (Left)
Yaichiro’s Frog In The Well Latte (Right)

Yashiro’s Coffee Milk (Left)
Benten’s Cocktail (Right)

If you’re of age, you may want to try drinks based on Akadama Sweet Wine, also known as the Akadama Port Wine in the story of The Eccentric Family.

Akadame Punch (Left) and Sweet Wine (Right)

Denki Bran Highball (Left) and Shot (Right)

Finish off your meal with some desserts!

Shimogamo Family Mitarashi dango Anmitsu

As a memento, each of the food menu items comes along with a can badge and a coaster for each drink. So you do not just go home with an experience but also something to mark the occasion! Don’t you wish to collect them all?

Souvenirs! Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

After you have wined and dined to your satisfaction, check out their collaboration goods! Remember to keep your cash handy.

What is The Eccentric Family about?

The animated series takes place in Kyoto about humans, mystical animals and supernatural beings of Japan. Yasaburo is a tanuki (raccoon dog) that live freely in the streets of Kyoto, at times he disguise as a human and walk among people. Yasaburo has an affection to a human woman called Benten, who is responsible for his fathers’s death, where he was served as a tanuki stew. Along with Yasaburo’s brothers, a strict but easily broken eldest brother, a older brother who transformed into a frog and forgot how to transform back, a cowardly youngest brother, and a loving mother, the story of Eccentric Family unfolds with fantastic beasts, humor, romance, and bromance.


Collaboration period: 2017/04/22(sat) ~ 06/30(fri)
Place: Marunouchi Reading Style Cafe
2-7-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Kitte 4F 100-7004
Time: Mon ~ Sat 11:00am ~ 9:00 pm Sun 11:00 am ~ 8:00 pm

Official Website:
Official Facebook Account:
Official Twitter Account: @Uchoten2_EN