The Shiba Siblings finally get their very first feature film with “The Irregular at Magic High School: The Girl Who Calls the Stars.” Now, the film’s staff have revealed a brand new key visual, with Tatsuya and Miyuki showing their usual closeness. Sasuga Onii-sama indeed!

The staff also revealed several additional cast members, who will be introduced in the film. These three new additions are all members of the USNA’s STARS unit.

Benjamin Canopus (Seiyuu: Jin Yamanoi)

Ralph Algol (seiyuu: Satoshi Hino)

Ralph Hardy Mirphak (seiyuu: Masaki Aizawa)

They previously revealed Angelina Kudou Shields (Seiyuu: Youko Hokasa), who appeared in the source light novels, but never in the TV anime. The staff also featured her in the film’s fourth key visual.

The film opens in Japan on 17th June, and will feature a brand new original story not found in the light novels. But before that, the staff revealed that the film will have preview screenings in Tokyo and Osaka.  Shinjuku Wald 9 theatre in Tokyo, as well as Osaka’s Umeda Burg 7 theatre, will screen it on 5th June.

Source: Press Release