All you lonely hearts out there, rejoice! Because there is a new smartphone app which features an AI that may set your hearts aflutter. This new smartphone app is called “SELF”, and it features an artificial intelligence engine, as well as a female robot named Ai Furuse.

Now, it has added a new upgraded conversation functionality, which allows Ai to communicate like a real girlfriend. Using new animation techniques, the app attempts to recreate natural human expressions. Because of this, Ai can react to various situations with several different reactions. She knows over 30,000 words, and can even converse with the user herself.

And when they said that Ai may be close to having an actual girl friend, they are serious. Like a real girlfriend, she can remember past conversations with users, as well as gather information on a users likes and other interests. She can even remember your birthday, as well as  identify changes in the user’s goals and values.

The app will record the users’ conversations with her, but only for the first three days. She will then revert to your first day of meeting after that 3-day period. However, this can be remedied if users pay a cloud storage fee. Interested users can now download the app for free via iTunes (Japanese).

source: Animate Times