The Yomiuri Shimbun revealed a full-page ad for a brand new collaboration between Kantai Collection and Osaka Ohsho. The full-page ad features Akagi in what she does best… Eating! One of KanColle’s biggest eaters is eating one of Osaka Ohshio’s famous gyouza for the ad.

Osaka Ohshio better have a ton of gyouza, because this is Akagi we’re talking about! The fuel-guzzling and Bauxite-munching carrier has gained a reputation for depleting resources fast, and it’s no doubt that she can also deplete the famous restaurant chain’s resources if left alone. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing they didn’t invite Yamato to be their second endorser, because she and Akagi can decimate resources like a plague.

All kidding aside, the newspaper ad has gotten the attention of many fans. Many even commented that they will eat at Osaka Ohshio just because of Akagi. Can’t say that the full-page ad isn’t effective with a reaction like that.

source: 0takomu