2017 might still only be 1/3 through, but Kemono Friends has already proven to be one of the year’s biggest surprises. The anime has become a runaway success, even if the developers already cancelled the original source game. And with the release of the Kemono Friends Official Guide Book 2, it seems that the franchise will get even bigger.

The guidebook’s wrap-around jacket revealed that Kemono Friends will be getting a “new Screen Project”. The jacket also revealed that the franchise will get its own stage musical, as well as a new game. In the words of Serval herself, “Sugoi, Sugoooooi!”

So far, they haven’t revealed much information about these three upcoming projects. Do expect that the staff will be revealing more information soon.

Based on the Nexon game, which barely lasted a year after release, Kemono Friends follows the adventures of Serval and Kaban. Nexon discontinued the original smartphone app the anime is based on before it even aired. However, despite this, the anime proved to be a runaway success, and even becoming a meme. Sugoi, Sugoooooi!

Source: @busou